How To Painlessly Remove Google Chrome Most Visited Page

March 2, 2013 – 10:09 pm

I love Google Chrome. There is something in that browser that I think is special. However, I don’t like Google Chrome’s Most visited page because I don’t want people to know which page that I’ve browsed previously (hehe!). Therefore; I will show you how to remove Google Chrome’s most visited page from appearing on browser’s startup and when you open a new tab in Google Chrome.



Step 1: Remove Google Chrome’s most visited page on browser’s startup

Go to Google Chrome’s settings page.



Change the “On startup” settings to “Open a specific page or set of pages”. Then, click on “Set pages”.



Add a new website that will open on Google Chrome’s startup to replace the “dreaded” Most visited page. I prefer a blank screen; thus about:blank is typed as shown.



Restart Google Chrome’s to preview the changes!



However, if you open a New Tab, the Most visited page reappears! Read on.



Step 2: Remove Google Chrome’s most visited on “New Tab” creation

To do this, you need to install the “New Tab Behaviour” extension from here.



Make sure the extension has successfully been installed.



Go to the Settings page again. Click on Extensions. Make sure the “New Tab Behaviour” is installed. Next, click on Options.



Change the “New Tab Behaviour” to your liking. I still prefer a blank screen :D



There you go! Two simple steps on removing Google Chrome’s most visited page from appearing on startup and on clicking the New Tab button. You can be sure that you won’t accidentally show your secret “Most Visited” sites to anyone else from now on!


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