How to Download / Rip Video and MP3 Audio From Youtube

May 5, 2009 – 6:09 pm

Youtube is one of the best video sites that provides pure, new age entertainment to everyone, including myself. Have you ever thought that you can download or rip video / audio from Youtube . In this how-to, I will show you one of the easiest way you can do it.



Step 1 – Ripping online video from Youtube with Video DownloadHelper

1- Open Mozilla Firefox. IE users stay away (lol!)

2- Install this add-on – Video DownloadHelper.



3- Restart Mozilla Firefox to complete the installation.


4- You should notice the DownloadHelper icon (three colored balls) on your Navigation Toolbar.

5- Open any Youtube videos that you want to rip. In this example, I will rip Susan Boyle’s famous audition on Britain’s Got Talent 2009.


6- Wait a few minutes until DownloadHelper managed to capture the video. Click on the downward arrow next to the DownloadHelper icon to view available videos for download.

7- Click on one of the videos to download the file. Make sure that you are downloading the video with the .flv extension (normally the first one on the list).


8- Save the file to your Windows desktop. Congratulations, you have successfully ripped a Youtube video! You can play the downloaded file with VLC player.



Step 2 – Ripping MP3 audio from a downloaded Youtube file.

1- You need to download FLV Extract first.

2- Unzip the downloaded file and run flvextract.exe afterwards.


3- Deselect all extract options except “Audio”.

4- Drag and drop the ripped video in Step 1 above to FLV Extract.


5- Wait for a few minutes. Your audio file will be successfully ripped in MP3 format!



Tip 1: You can use Audacity to remove noises / cut unnecessary audio from the ripped Youtube audio file.

Tip 2: FLV Extract allows you to convert the default .flv format from a ripped Youtube video to the preferable .avi format.

There you go, one of the simplest way to rip / download video and audio from an online Youtube video. Remember that these activities are illegal in some countries. You have been warned! (and enjoy!)

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