12 Great Programs to Hide Running Windows Application from Your Boss

April 26, 2009 – 6:57 pm

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy “. It is true that browsing the Facebook, playing simple games, listening to music, instant messaging with friends during work hours are unethical but in my opinion it is still okay to do it every once in a while, as long as it does not affect your work / productivity.

Having said so, if you have the boss from hell that did not tolerate all of the above activities, you can still do them at your own risk. Using softwares that are considered as a “boss key” application, you can hide all the windows / applications that you are currently using from your boss in an instant, with just a press of a shortcut key!



Having scoured the web a few times, I’ve managed to find 12 tools to hide your application windows from the prying eyes of your boss. Here are the free ones:

1- Boss Key


Boss Key works by creating 10 virtual desktops that you can switch in between. Switch between “work” desktop and “play” desktop in just an instance.


2- Magic Tweak Boss Key


Press the default “F12” key and Walla! All your Windows will be hidden. It is also able to mute the sounds from so your boss won’t hear any “Rihanna”, “My Chemical Romance” or others singing around the office.


3- Boss Key (Firefox Add-On)


Designed specifically for Mozilla Firefox, this add-on will minimize your Mozilla Firefox to the system tray and cleans its memory. Great for heavy office Internet surfers.


4- CloseWin


CloseWin works a little differently from all the above. It will close all opened programs having its icon on taskbar and whose window contain selected text.


5- Dad’s Around


This simple program from the renowned Donation Coder team will silence audio, minimize all programs and forcefully terminate foreground processes (such as full screen games) when dad’s (or boss if you are and adult) walks into the room.


6- Clicky Gone


Defines itself as a window hider application, Clicky Gone protects your privacy by hiding your Windows from the screen and the taskbar with a press of a key. Simply divine.


7- Elongosoft Hide Window Hotkey


This program hide your windows and goes the extra mile to protect it with a password (optional). Lots of options to protect your privacy here.


8- Hide Windows Free

Hides everything running on your screen with a key. This is a free version of the infamous Anti Boss Key application.


9- Window Hide Tool


Another windows hider application, with configurable hotkeys for different actions that you want to complete.


10- Quick Windows Hiding Tool


The name says it all. Go test it.


11- ZigZag Cleaner


ZigZag Cleaner lets you use your mouse to hide running windows applications from curious people looking at your screen.


12- Windows Hidie


A lightweight hider that can be run from a thumb drive. Portable privacy protector if you ask me what I think of it.


Extra tip: If you don’t like any of those applications above (wow!), you can still use any of these free windows virtual desktop applications like Dexpot to quickly hide windows from your boss too. Just make sure that you set the right hotkey!

Enjoy the ride and happy hiding!

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