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May 29, 2008 – 8:59 pm

RSS is cool but too many RSS items to read are not cool. If you ever get bored with loads of RSS items in your feed reader and feeling the urge to read something quickly, try Snackr. It is not an RSS Reader; it is an RSS news ticker. It pulls of random items from a set of RSS feeds that you have defined and shows the items moving in a dockable bar either on top, bottom, right or left of your desktop.



What Snackr RSS Ticker offers:

  • Ability to import your feed items from an OPML file format or add them manually one after another.


  • It is based on Adobe Air so it is available for Windows, MacOS X and Linux users.
  • Click on a news ticker item to read its summary or view it in full if you have the time.


  • You can throw it anywhere on the desktop and see it moves to a docking position gracefully (eye candy!).
  • Set the ticker speed, I prefer to have my Snackr fast, just like fast food.


  • Instruct it to show new feeds, not items that are more than _ days.

You may find Snackr annoying but what the heck, I love it and found that it makes my desktop looks cool. I also realize that reading random items based on my favorite blogs in Snackr are better than marking all of them as read (for not having time to read all of the “Mashable” post). RSS + Snackr sound so right to me!

Download Snackr here

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