20 Little Known Ways to Use Wikipedia

April 21, 2008 – 4:16 pm

Wikipedia is without a doubt, one of World Wide Web’s wonders. I myself used Wikipedia to search information on many things, from education to entertainment. There are many cool things that you can learn from the vast amount of information inside Wikipedia. Thus in this post, I have listed down 20 little known ways and tools to use Wikipedia.



1- Use Wikipedia to learn interesting things that happened on your date of birth (events, births, deaths etc). Just enter the date and month of birth in the search box, for example: 26 March

2- Check out series of interesting events that happened on any year. For example, enter 2007 to check out all of last year events.

3- Learn interesting events that happened in a country, on a particular year (if available), e.g. enter 2004 in Malaysia to search for significant events that happened in Malaysia, in the year 2004.

4- Use the disambiguation function to quickly list down Wikipedia entries that relates to a similar name. For example, to list down all entries that are related to the word “bush” (George Bush, Prescott Bush, Bushcraft, etc.), type in bush (disambiguation) in the Wikipedia search box.

5- Miss to watch an episode of your favorite drama series? Want to learn what happens next the quicker way? Use Wikipedia to read summaries of your favorite drama! For example, key in “List of Heroes Episodes” to read the full synopsis of the popular Heroes drama series. You can also click on any of the drama title to read the full plot.


6- Curious on how Wikipedia works? Read all about the history, the people behind Wikipedia, the principles and more here:

7- Not enough time to read Wikipedia entries online? Download your favorite Wikipedia articles with Webaroo’s WikiSlice so you can read it offline, on the go! (thanks Mayank !)


8- You can also download the whole Wikipedia site for offline viewing, if you want to (warning: huge disk spaces needed). (thanks James!)

9- Stay informative and be smarter by making Wikipedia’s Main Page as your web browser’s homepage. It also acts as a one-stop page to learn interesting information like “In the News” (today’s events), “Today’s Featured Article”, “On This Day” (what happened on this date), “Did You Know” and more.

10- Stay up to date with the latest news for the whole week with Current Events.


11- Bored? Why don’t you go read a Random Article? Refresh the same page over and over again to get yet another dose of information.

12- Some people really hate Wikipedia. Check out what the evildoers are up to.

13- Interested in knowing what happened in a certain period of time? Check out the whole Wikipedia’s List of Timeline

14- The world is really a big place for all of us. Check out the Wikipedia’s amazing compilation lists of our world – geography, demographics, economy and more, all in one huge list.

15- Looking for the hottest article in Wikipedia? You need WikiRage.

16- You can search Wikipedia articles as-you-type with WikiWax.


17- Kitteh said Wikipedia haz keyboardz shortcut. You go there now.

18- Want a better search tool for Wikipedia in the form of a Firefox add-on? WikiSeek rules.

19- You can also connect Wikipedia articles with the respective places with PlaceOpedia.

20- Get cool pictures from Wikipedia everyday by subscribing to the Wikipedia’s “Picture of the day” news feed.

There you go, a full load of Wikipedia tips and tricks. Know something about Wikipedia that I don’t know yet? Share it here by kindly leaving a comment!

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