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March 18, 2008 – 11:33 am

If you ever work with multiple text files, there is a chance that you are in a situation that you want to replace the same text inside a multiple file in one shot. For example, you may have to replace a person’s name inside several Microsoft Office documents because of a management restructure. Instead of having to open and edit the documents one by one, you can use TextCrawler!


What TextCrawler does is it allows you to instantly find and replace words and phrases across multiple text files. Furthermore, you can opt to use regular expressions for sophisticated text search and replace function.


You can start using TextCrawler by specifying file extensions and the start location that you want it to search for all the related files. For example, search all .doc files inside D:\ drive. Next enter the word/phrase that you want to search for and the replacement word/phrase that will take its position. You are allowed to select some options to refine your file search results. Click the “Find” button and TextCrawler will start listing down its search results one by one. To start replacing the word/phrase with a new one, select all the related files and click “Replace“.

TextCrawler Features

  • Fast file search that scans folders and sub folders.
  • Simple to use, one page interface.
  • Search options to refine search results – case sensitive, match whole words.
  • Regular Expressions support for sophisticated searches – with RegEx Tester and Library so you test your expression to make sure it works the way it supposed to be.


  • Backup files before any text replacement action (optional).
  • Highlighted search results.
  • Text Extractor – this tool allows you to extract text to a new file.
  • Export search results for later reference.

The most impressive part of TextCrawler is that the fact that it does return search results fast. Additionally, the “Preview Pane” that shows soon-to-be-replaced text line by line allows you to view the contents of any file before any replacement process takes flight. This freeware might not appeal everyone but somebody out there will really find TextCrawler – the freeware that can replace text in multiple files absolutely vital to complete a massive, text document related job.

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