Easily Switch IP Address with Eusing’s Free IP Switcher

March 16, 2008 – 3:41 pm

If you use the same notebook at home and office, I’ve found a nifty networking tool that you will find very useful. Remember the hassle when you have to open your Windows Network Dial-Up and Connections window and change your home network IP address to another one so you can use your computer at work? Now you don’t have to do that again. With Free IP Switcher, you can easily switch from one IP address to another with ease.



Eusing’s Free IP Switcher helps you to remember preconfigured IP addresses for multiple locations (home, work, Syahid’s home, Scoble’s home, etc.) and you can switch to any of them effortlessly with a single click, no reboot needed. You only need to enter your IP addresses once for each location in tabs called “sets“. Once you are done, you can change from a home network to a work network IP address by selecting the “work” set and click the “Activate” button. As easy as ABC!


Free IP Switcher Features

  • Support for automatic or manual IP address configuration.
  • Multiple network card / network interface support.
  • Interface intelligently imitates your Windows Local Area Connection IP address’s setup page so you don’t have to bang your head to understand what this and that does.
  • Proxy server support.
  • You can setup all the basic IP settings – IP address, network masks, default gateway, DNS server.
  • You can also change the advanced IP settings – WINS server, domain. You can even set a distinctive default printer for each set of IP address! Cool!
  • Unlimited number of IP address set locations. Add a new location easily by clicking on the “Add New Set” button.
  • Rename your “Set 1” IP Address location to a meaningful name like “Home Network IP” or “LAN Party IP“.
  • Option to auto-start with Windows.

Free IP Switcher is a simple program, yet it really helps all the mobile workers out there to easily switch IP address like warriors. If you constantly work in an environment that needs you to be in different network locations, Free IP Switcher is essential to have. Download Free IP Switcher today!

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