How to Copy from Many and Paste Once

March 4, 2008 – 11:00 pm

Imagine being able to copy files from different locations on your hard disk and paste all of it at once to another directory? That will save us some copy and pasting time, won’t it? For example, I can copy some family photos from different folders and dump all of them at once to another folder with the paste command, so I can quickly create a scrapbook from it. With a freeware called Piky Basket, this is achievable.



Piky Basket aims to help you organize your files better by providing a creatively thought alternative to the default Windows copy and paste operation. It has three functions:

  • The most important feature is the ability to copy files from many directories and paste them once to another target folder (copy, copy, copy…. and paste). As an analogy, imagine being at the supermarket where you put all your things inside the basket (copy) and pay all of them at once at the counter (paste).


  • Batch copy paths to clipboard – once you have all your files inside the Piky Basket, you can select the “Copy Paths to Clipboard” option to copy all the file locations. You can then paste the paths to Notepad for file sharing purposes, as an example. Useful for sending mapped drive paths to co-workers.
  • Quick directory command prompt – right click on a specific folder and click “Command Prompt Here” to open the Windows command prompt with that folder as the base location.

Piky Basket comes with sound effects. Therefore, you will instantly know that you have successfully copied a file, empty your collection baskets etc. Moreover, you can select a number of files to be copied using the “Select” function instead of pasting it all.


Piky Basket also allows you to move files to a new folder instead of the default copy action. Piky Basket is a definite must have for those who are looking for a better way to copy / move files in batch.

Download Piky Basket

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