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March 1, 2008 – 6:05 pm

Some people think that instant messaging is just pure evil. They think instant messaging is a big time waster. Some organizations even blocked instant messaging connections (Yahoo! Messenger, AOL, Hotmail, GTalk) so their employees can’t chit-chat with the outside world. For me, I believe that IM can be a good thing if used wisely because it is one of the fastest ways to collaborate with each other.

Tonic is an instant messaging client with a slight difference. It is a LAN instant messenger – meaning that it only allows you to chat with people inside your local area network.



There are few situations that you will find Tonic most useful:

  • You need a quick-to-setup IM client that is limited to a local area network, for example: a LAN party.
  • Your company blocked IM connections to and from external networks. The problem is that you feel the need to have instant communications with the people inside your company (for work!)


Tonic LAN Instant Messaging Client Features

  • Easy to use – no server software is needed. Download Tonic, install it and you are done.
  • Friend auto discovery – Tonic automatically finds other Tonic users inside your network.
  • User availability status – Online, Offline, Away, Do Not Disturb, or Invisible.


  • Image avatars – Choose an icon that represents you. You can create your own if you wish to.


  • File transfer support – transfer and receive files between office mates seamlessly.


  • Choose your message appearance for extra personalization.


  • Chat history – for extra privacy, you can clean conversation history too.
  • Advanced connections – if some of your office mates are in another network subnet, add their broadcast address on the “Manage Connections” menu, thus allowing Tonic to discover them.
  • Announcement mode – you can broadcast important announcement to all Tonic clients instantly.


  • Quick poll + poll results – send a quick yes or no question for instant voting.

If you are looking to provide a quick instant messaging solution for users inside your LAN, do try out Tonic. It is easy to setup, freely available and has all the useful features of a LAN instant messenger.

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