How to Batch Resize Photos with FastStone Image Viewer

February 4, 2008 – 4:28 pm

A few years back, we normally leave photo editing to experts. With the availability of cheap digital cameras today, simple photo editing tools such as Picasa, Irfanview and Photoscape was created to help end users edit their own photos at home. From a version to another, free photo editing programs evolved to offer better photo editing features such as bulk photo resizing, file conversion and more.

One of my current photo editing favorite tools is FastStone Image Viewer. In this post, I will show you how to resize photos in batch, with a few simple steps.


Steps to Batch Resize Photos / Pictures

1- Launch FastStone Image Viewer. From the menu bar, click Tools -> Batch Convert / Rename.


2- From the “Batch Convert” tab, select the folder containing the soon to be resized photos on the right pane. Select the photos by clicking on “Add” OR drag & drop the photos to the left pane. Don’t forget to specify the folder that will used to store your photos later.


3- On bottom right of the interface, click “Advanced Options”. Tick the “Use Resize/Resample” checkbox on the “Resize” tab. In this example, I am going to batch resize my photos to 640 x 480 pixels. Don’t forget to select “Preserve Aspect Ratio“. Next, click the “OK” button to close Advanced Options.


4- To give the new photos a new name scheme, tick the “Rename” checkbox and give your photos a new common name (name header + numbering).


5- Click the “Start” button to start the batch resize process. Depending on the number of photos that you have selected above, this process can take a few minutes to finish.


6- Click “Done” once the process is completed. All the photos have been resized successfully! Check it out your favorite photo viewer.


By the way, you can use the same technique above to do more photo editing in batch – watermark, add text, crop and more. All these features are available from the same “Advanced Options” interface. Don’t forget to try that out too!

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