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January 24, 2008 – 5:22 pm

Flickr, one of the most cherished photo sharing sites on the Net offers a program called “Flickr Uploadr” for users to upload their photos in bulk. Sadly, they don’t offer any bulk download photos to enable users to save all those beautiful pictures inside their computer.

Thankfully, the curious mind of Greggman had successfully created FlickrDown, a freely distributed program that allow end-users to download Flickr photos / images to their own computer.



FlickrDown Features

FlickrDown is a simple program for simple photo downloading needs. Here is a summary of what it can do:

  • Download Flickr photos based on a user’s Flickr email address, username, photo tags or photo groups.
  • Authorization support for private photo downloading – useful for personal photo download.
  • Photo sets selection support – select only photos that you want to download.
  • Proxy server support – useful if you are downloading from behind a proxy server
  • Download limits – you can set the number of photo search results to return if you don’t want to spend the whole hour waiting for FlickrDown to finish. Useful for searching popular Flickr photo tags.

How to Use FlickrDown to Download Flickr Pics

In this example, I will try to download 20 photos related to “Malaysia“. To achieve this, I am going to search Flickr based on the “London” tag. You need to download FlickrDown and install it next.

1- Run FlickrDown by clicking its icon in the Windows start menu.

2- Select “File -> Preferences” on the menu. In the “Download Limit” field, enter 50 to limit FlickrDown search to just fifty results. Press the “Okay” button to save.


3 – Enter “Malaysia” inside the Search field, choose tags as the search type and click the Lookup button. Wait a few minutes for the results to appear in the Photo Sets section.

4- Choose 20 pictures that you want from the returned results.


5- Choose a folder that you want to save all the Flickr photos to and click the “Download” button to save them inside your computer.


FlickrDown is an important tool for any Flickr download addicts out there because of its simplicity and ease of use. It also reduces the time used to search for a particular photos from the huge Flickr photo database. The only missing thing is inside the photo selection process, there is no “Select All” button! Imagine selecting 100 of photos one by one, crazy right? Other than that, FlickrDown is cool!

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