Easiest Way to Combine Multiple Photos / Images

December 8, 2007 – 12:45 pm

You don’t have to know Adobe Photoshop to combine multiple photos into one. It is too cumbersome for this simple task. In this post you I will show you how to combine your images in only a few steps with a freeware called Photoscape.





Steps to Combine Photos with Photoscape

1- Open Photoscape and click the “Combine” icon to start.



2- From the interface, open the folder that contains your soon-to-be-combined images.




3- Drag and drop your pictures to the section shown below. Your combined photos will be automatically shown on the down-right section.




combine-pictures-with-photoscape-options 4- If you don’t like what you see, you can play around with the “Options” right-sidebar until you get what you desired.

For example, you can resize the picture based on ratio, set a margin, set the roundness of the margin, adjust picture alignment and more.












5- If you don’t like the “Checker” arrangement of those combined pictures (as pictured above), you can choose either the “Down” or “Side” arrangement.



Down” picture combination










Side” picture combination




6. Save your combined picture. Done. Easy peasy!



There are many other photo effects that you can simply created by using Photoscape (create photo frames, batch resize photos, create lolcats conversation balloons (!) , and more).

Try it first and you will believe me on how easy this piece of freeware is.


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