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December 5, 2007 – 9:35 pm

One question for you. Yes, you. Do you spend most of your time working OR just wasting it unnecessarily with your personal computer?

If you have no answer for the above question, you are seriously in need of RescueTime , a web based time management tool that records and tells you exactly how you spend most of your time in front of the PC, without having to sweat blood.




RescueTime Sign Up & Installation

First things first. You need to fill up the RescueTime sign up form to get invited. Activate your sign up later by clicking on the Activation Link that will be sent to you via email. Then, download and install the RescueTime Windows Data Collector client . Launch the application and enter your login details to start recording your personal computer usage data.

Done, as easy as pie. p/s Mac users ! You are invited too!



Check your PC Usage Data

RescueTime is almost install-and-leave-it application . You can continue what you are doing with your personal computer while RescueTime silently records all of your activities without any interruption whatsoever. From my experience, it is very light and doesn’t hog your system resources.


To check your computer usage data, right click the RescueTime icon on the Windows taskbar and click “Go to dashboard “. You need to input your login data to view it.






From the dashboard, here are the information that you will get:


1- Top Apps for week graph – This graph will list down all the applications used / websites visited in a week. Glad that I have spent my time this week blogging with BlogDesk!





2- Top Tags for week graph – You need to tag your applications before this graph will appear. I tagged mine with “Work”, “Blog”, “Research”, “Entertainment” and others. This will help in grouping your computer activities thus making sense of the “Top Week” graph.




3- Total Logged Time – This will show you how many hours that you have spent with your personal computer. Click on a specific point to get your daily computer graph usage.




4- Applications Used / Website Visited List – You can tag your used applications / website visited to group them to form a sensible “Top Tags” graph.




End Note

Although it is still in beta, I was really amazed on how easy and efficient RescueTime works. I love the fact that it collects information based on different visited websites quite accurately because I spend most of time surfing the web. The information gathered are very useful and was displayed in an easy way, which I believe will be very useful to a non-technical person.


If you haven’t tried it, I recommend that you do so. 2 thumbs up for RescueTime!



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