4 Simple Tips for Bigger Mozilla Firefox Screen

December 2, 2007 – 2:51 pm

Mozilla Firefox is without a doubt one of the most popular and widely used applications for most users. With all the toolbars, icons and plugins installed on it, the Firefox screen will look smaller if you don’t have a big and wide monitor.


To make Mozilla Firefox browser looks bigger without breaking the bank, here are 4 simple tips that I’ve found and practiced (now you know that I have a small monitor, duh!)




Tip #1 – Use Small Icons



If you really understand what all those icons mean on your toolbar, make it smaller. Size does not matter here. Make it smaller by clicking the menu bar and View -> Toolbars -> Customize -> Use Small Icons.



Tip #2 – Clear Out Unnecessary Toolbars


StumbleUpon, Yahoo! Toolbar. Status Bar, MegaUpload, etc. If you don’t use it often, clear out all the mess from View -> Toolbar. Better still, only leave the navigation bar intact.



Tip #3 – Hit F11 on keyboard


F11 means full screen in Firefox. This is the fastest way to get a bigger Firefox screen.



Tip #4 – Install FullerScreen


FullerScreen is a Firefox plugin than enhances full screen mode by hiding the remaining toolbars and statusbar. All the toolbars will be in auto-hide mode and you can make it appear again by moving your mouse to the edge of the screen.





Tip #5 – Consolidate Mozilla Firefox’s Chrome

You can check out how to consolidate Firefox’s icons and taskbar by reading it here at Lifehacker: Geek to Live section. Thanks to our reader TheM for the tips!



Tip #6 – Install Tiny Menu

TinyMenu is a Firefox extension that will replace the standard menu bar with a tiny menu popup. Combine this with Tip #5 above and you will get a bigger screen size!

(Thanks TMerrit, sorry I’ve mistakenly deleted your comments!)



Tip #7 – Install MiniFox Firefox Theme


This is one of the quickest way to get small menu and toolbars that will guarantee a bigger Mozilla Firefox screen. Get Minifox Theme here.

Thanks to coffeepro for the tips!



If you are still unsatisfied with the screen size, it is time to start saving some money. Go buy a bigger monitor then!

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