10 Odd but Cool Twitter Related Applications

November 17, 2007 – 8:23 pm

Twitter is probably the best mini blogging tool / social networking / life update tool on the Internet right now and of the best place to check out what others are doing all over the world, in real time! (nearly).

Besides the normal Twitter web client, creative developers all around the world have created various Twitter related tools that you can use for free, thus increasing Twitter popularity to dizzying heights. Here is a list of 10 Twitter related applications that are odd but useful, based on my point of view.




1- Twitter-Sync – Any updates to your Yahoo! Messenger client will update your Twitter page too and vice versa.


Similar app: Twitter YM .



2- TwitterVisionwatch Twitter updates from all over the world via a world map . Very cool. And don’t forget to make it your desktop wallpaper.




3- TwitterCLI – fancy update your Twitter via the Windows Command Line or the Run box? You can with TwitterCLI!




4- Twessenger – Twessenger is a Twitter add-in for Windows Live Messenger. It will automatically updates your Messenger Personal Message at regular intervals to reflect your latest Twitter tweet.




5- OutWit – update your Twitter status and directly from MS Outlook. You can also receive friend’s Twitter updates as Outlook messages.




6- TwitterBox – Enables you to post to and receive updates from Twitter, when inside Second Life.





7- TwitterSubmitter – If you have a slow computer, this one is for you. Fancy updating your Twitter with a Notepad-like application?




8- TweetScan – A real time Twitter search engine for Twitter posts. You can even have search results emailed to you.




9- Tweetigg – Twitigg is listing of popular stories submitted on Twitter.com sorted by number of submitters, updated constantly.




10- Phototwitter – This application allows you to take a snapshot and post the photo and your text on Twitter, with the help of a webcam.




I will try to find more odd Twitter related apps in the next post. Do come back later for more!


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