Ten Tech Things to Try Today #1

October 31, 2007 – 12:00 am

In this post, I will try to list down all the good technologies that I have found useful from all over the Internet over the past week. To give this list a catchy name, I name this post Ten Tech Things to Try Today . You may try all the included links that I’ve listed below and do share some comments about your experience using it here. I really hope that you will find all these links beneficial.


Ten Tech Things to Try Today



1- SearchMash – a new search engine that returns results in a new way.


More SearchMash information: SearchMash features, Google’s SearchMash.com



2- ScanR – turn your camera phone into a scanner, copier, and fax in just three steps.


More scanR information: ScanR: Turn your camera phone into a scanner



3- RSSCalendar – share your calendar among friends and family with the help of RSS.


More RSSCalendar information: RSSCalendar – you can’t say you didn’t know



4- TwitterWherefilter Tweets based on city, state, postal code or range of miles – and subscribe to it via RSS.


More TwitterWhere information – Twitter + Location Based Feeds = TwitterWhere



5- SlideOO – get your Flickr horizontal photo stream and display it within your blog / social related tools if your wish.


More SlideOO information – Slideoo – instant Flickr slide show maker



6- Wuala – free desktop application to have a shareable 1 GB hard disk online.


More Wuala information – Unlimited online storage for free, almost: Wuala



7- EyeJotclient-free online video messaging platform for both personal and business communications.


More EyeJot information – Website of the Day: Eyejot



8- Picurls – get the best socially voted pictures from all over the Internet. Hats off to Peteris Krumins.


More Picurls information – PicUrls.com – The Latest From the Maker of RedditMedia



9- 9cays – An alternative to solve group email woes. You need to test it to understand how it works.


More 9cays information – 9cays – Free Group Email Service



10- Vixta – Linux users rejoice! Use this to emulate Windows Vista visual aesthetics on Linux.


More Vixta information – Vixta. Forget vista!



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