Digg Picture Section – The Unofficial DigPicz

September 17, 2007 – 11:28 am

Digg maybe the current Internet king of social content sharing but still it doesn’t have a proper picture section (that maybe coming soon!). A guy called Peteris Krumins had managed to pull data from Digg and create a site that show only pictures from Digg and called it Digpicz (without the extra g). Funnily, somebody digg Digpicz and it becomes quite popular nowadays.





The interface almost looks like Digg and if you want to know how he created it, check this out. And there is another project in the making, this brilliant guy (he is a Physics student, he doesn’t want to study CS because he already knows the ins and outs) is currently developing Picurls, the Popurls of pictures. :D


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