Google Reader Adds Search Capability, Finally!

September 7, 2007 – 11:16 am

The long awaited Google Reader feature is finally here. At last, Google adds search capability to Google Reader. Now you can search dozens of subscribed feeds for keywords of your interests. And just what you can expect from Google, the search feature does not disappoint.




Just add in a keyword and you are all set to search. Furthermore, you can refine search results by selecting where to search in the next combo box – search “All Items“, “Starred Items“, “Shared Items” or just select a specific feed to search.


Here is a the default view of a Google Reader search results, when I tried searching for the “greasemonkey” keyword:




You can change the search view that suits you just like in a normal Google Reader operation (Expanded view / List view:




Search keywords entered previously will be highlighted in yellow:




It is refreshing to see the addition of a search function in Google Reader. Sadly, this spells the end of Google Reader Greasemonkey Script ( salute! ). Full credits to Google too for understanding how important this feature is!


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