How to Send Twitter Updates with Text Messages (SMS)

August 17, 2007 – 10:47 am

send-twitter-updates-from-malaysia-with-text-messagesFirst things first. If you are don’t know what Twitter is, it is time to read the Twitter Lexicon. In simple words, Twitter is a website that lets you post “what you are doing right now” and let your followers (kind of subscribers) know about it. It is some kind of a small blog, or microblogging as it is known in the techie world. For a quick example, check out my Twitter page and follow me if you want to.


If you really read the Twitter Lexicon above, you will know that there are many ways to send Twitter updates. In this post, I will tell you in detail on how to send twitter updates from Malaysia using text messages with your hand phone (applicable to other countries too, only the international number will differ ).

Why Text Messages

Text Messages is a very simple and convenient way of communication. You will probably bring your phone everywhere and when you see or do something interesting throughout the day, let others know about it by sending Twitter updates via text messages to your Twitter page!

Steps to Post Twitter Updates via Text Messages

Requirements: A Twitter account (Register here) and a hand phone capable of sending text messages (make sure you have some credits inside!)


  • Click on Settings


  • Click on Phone and IM


  • For Malaysians, key in +60 plus your mobile phone number. For example, key in +601697XXXXX, which is a combination of +60 and 01697XXXXX. The leading zero in 016 must be dropped. For other countries, check out your country code here.



  • Click Save. You will get a verification code, as shown by the example below. Using your phone, type a text message containing the code and send it to +447624801423 for phone verification.



  • Wait for a minute a so. If you are successful, you will get a text message from Twitter like this – “That worked! What are you doing?“. Refreshing your Phone and IM settings will also show that you are ready for it.



  • Test your Twitter updates by typing a text message and send it to the Twitter number – +447624801423. Verify it on your Twitter page. Posts submitted by text will have the txt extension next to it. Example:



Remember, if you can’t get right the first time, you can always delete the current number and start over again. Try it and start twitter-ing via text messages today!

p/s text messages cost some money. mine is 0.20 cents per sms. twitter can be addictive so beware!


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