Creating Beautiful Photo Frames with Photoscape

August 15, 2007 – 3:36 pm


I’ve used many photo editing freeware but Photoscape is one of the easiest and most intuitive. For my first post on, I will show you steps for creating beautiful photo frames with Photoscape.

Step 1 – Download Photoscape here. Install it as you install other application.

Step 2 – Open Photoscape by clicking on the Desktop icon and click the Editor button .


Step 3 - Select the pictures that you want to frame from the File Manager on the left side of Photoscape’s interface.


Step 4 - Click on the combo box as displayed below and select the frame you love most. In the example below, I choose a simple “Border” as my photo frame.


Step 5 – Save your framed photo for safekeeping and show-offs session. Below is the result of my photo.


That’s easy! Here are some other samples of various photo frames that you can create with Photoscape.

picture-with-notebook-frame picture-with-film-frame picture-with-stamp-frame


The possibilities are endless!

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